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This video has some practical implications that I need to explore further and we will discuss it in the live stream. The facts laid out here are staggering to realize. BUT my next live stream will be on Friday Sept 16 (not the usual Thursday this week).

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Is Youtube suppressing this video? It appears to be a top video that wasn't fed by YT to non subscribers. Shadow banning? Why? What does YT have at stake in CDBC?

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Interview I did with David Bombal!

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I am interested to see the demographics of my subscriber base. Please help me understand. Thank you. Tell me what kind of viewer you are.

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We just had a big earthquake here in Southern California so just reminding everyone that being prepared is a great feeling!

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What does HAM Radio have to do with Privacy? Though HAM is public communications, the analog format makes it difficult to do data-mining, mass surveillance, and third party manipulation. The Internet on the other hand is well suited for third party control. So this is an alternative to consider, while at the same time offering a benefit in times of emergencies.

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Privacy and Cybersecurity are two separate issues. Privacy is an individual concern. When people think about Cybersecurity for themselves, they are often focused on privacy. A corporate entity, business, or government however is focused on Cybersecurity and often at the expense of individual privacy. So be careful folks. There are different objectives here. The best cybersecurity for a corporate entity includes spying and surveillance on employees. The best security for a government is mass surveillance on its population.

I come from the Enterprise system world. I understand this. My channel is focused on the individual. You. You and your privacy.

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Shoutout to Tom Spark who has the guts to be honest in his reviews (rather than be influenced by affiliate marketing fees)!

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