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Where should channels be required to disclose sponsorship?

Choose one point in the video's timeline beyond which it stops being acceptable in your view. This is just about disclosure of sponsorship, not the actual sponsor segment. Though sometimes, the first disclosure happens at the sponsor segment.

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YouTube removed my video tutorial on how to watch YouTube with NewPipe - an app that blocks trackers and ads and has many features that YouTube offers at a premium subscription. So what's this about? At this point, without my Patreon page, I'd be completely fucked.

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Words will never do justice to express how absolutely stunned and humbled I am by all of your support. Since I uploaded my latest video, 151 people decided to join my Patreon page. I am in awe!

I've been having really negative thoughts lately and I thought I am not good enough for my audience. And I am not sure if I ever will. But I believe in this message. I don't want to stop unless I am stopped. And your support has given me hope that I can keep doing this a little longer than I'd thought.


We have reached the first goal of 200 patrons. What this means is that I will no longer bend over backwards to appease the YouTube algorithm. If I feel like the video needs more time, more research, more attention, I am gonna do it. If I feel saying something even though I know it might trigger the algorithm, I am gonna say it. I want to be making the content that is necessary. Without compromise.

This is what your support has made possible. You are the producers of my future videos that won't pull any punches.


The Hated One

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